It is with regret, that due to health issues, we have had to sell our US Logon Internet Services business.  We have sold it to Mango Bay Internet in Cleveland, Ohio.  They are a solid, reputable company and offer some of the same basic services that we did, along with some additional services like DSL that you might be interested in checking out.  They also have 24x7 Technical Support and a Toll Free contact number. 

Part of our arrangement with Mango Bay Internet includes our customers being able to keep their current dial-up accounts and US Logon email addresses.  The transition should be fairly seamless and you should not see any disruption in your service. 

Your next invoice will come from Mango Bay Internet, so please make the change as to where you mail your payment or where you call to make your payment. 

Send All Payments to:

Mango Bay Internet
1277 E. Schaaf Rd., Suite 4
Cleveland, OH 44131

Be sure to include the top part of the invoice with your payment. Print the return address clearly on the outside of envelope.  If you have any questions, please call them Toll Free at 1-888-356-2646. 

If you paid for more than one month of service or paid already for the upcoming month(s), you will have a credit with Mango Bay and then your next invoice will come from them. 

If you are set up on AUTO billing, please be sure to complete the credit card authorization form that will be included in your next invoice from Mango Bay Internet.  Receipt of this invoice may be delayed due to the holidays. 

Mango Bay Internet offers 24x7 Technical Support, so you will be able to call them Toll Free at 1-888-356-2646 or (1-888-35-Mango).  You may visit the Mango Bay Internet website at 

Please contact Mango Bay Internet if you have any questions about service and payment arrangements. 

We appreciate all of our valued customers and have been blessed to be able to offer our services for the last 5+ years.  Thank you for your faithful patronage.